Why does my computer keep closing programs randomly?

Sal: Why does my computer keep closing programs randomly?
I would be on firefox and it just randomly shuts down for no reason. It’s not only firefox it’s also internet explorer, Basically any web browser I would have open closes, and it won’t let me download anything. I have no clue why it’s doing this. Can someone help me please?


🙂 Arnak

Check in the control manager for the event logs to see what is being reported there.

Also in the control manager, system, advanced, startup and recovery, make sure the restart on error box in not checked.


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One thought on “Why does my computer keep closing programs randomly?

  1. It would be nice if you provided relevant information about your pc – model, operating system, memory, free space etc… There are many reasons why you may be experiencing this. The first step in diagnosis is to look in the event log (presuming you’re using windows) – the location varies, based on the version of windows you are using, but it’s located under administrative programs / control panel – if you need to, you can google how to access event manager for your version of windows. Look in the event log to see if any errors are being captured – it could be memory issues or hard drive space – or any host of esoteric things that could be going wrong – including a virus or other malware – you should do a full computer scan immediately.

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